I am a developer in mind and a musician at heart.

Me at work

Like many, I thrive to change the world through my modest craftsmanship. I don’t claim to be a specialist in anything, but I certainly don’t shy away from trying to deeply understand things that interest me.

If you need something from me it usually falls into these rough categories:

  • Backend Web development with a primary focus on API provisioning
  • Front-End UI Programmer, with a focus on making complex tasks easier (and more fun) to work with.
  • Software Infrastructure architecture with the focus on getting things done.

Me for fun

Although I’m a developer professional, I probably spent just as much time refining my musical side. I take my “hobbies” just as seriously.

The trusty list will once again make thins clearer:

  • Music and musical instruments have followed me around since I can remember. Banjo, Piano, and drums tend to be the main instruments that I dabble with among others.
  • I enjoy capturing great moments and refining each image that I take as a photographer. People tell me that I a nack for visual composition, but it’s probably the countless late hours of refining them that tends to contribute.